USB Wifi Stick

USB Wifi Stick allows a Wireless connecton for your Medialink DVB Devices via USB port.

With WiFi reception up to 200Mbps, downloading Software will become faster than ever.

WiFi Ethernet extender high


Our available models are

The First WiFi Extender working in both Linux and Android. Extend your WiFi reception up to 200Mbps.

The most famous, well known WiFi Adapter for Medialink Linux Models. Supporting up to 150Mbps.

Supported Models

Linux + Android WiFi Extender

M9 Ultra, M9, ML9000, M3, M8, Carrot Box.

Ixuss WiFi Adapter

K5, K3, Black Hawk Z, ML7500, ML7300, ML7100, ML7000, ML4100, ML3150, ML2200, ML1200, ML1150s/p, ML1100.